Trusted Service Providers

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Trusted Service Providers

In order to best serve you, we have partnered with trusted professionals who have the same high standards we do and who recognize the importance of building strong relationships. These providers will assist you in every step of the process and beyond. If you have a question that concerns anything about your home, we have answers.


Anthony Iacavangelo Phone: 585-454-7145
Blake T. Webber Phone: 585-729-7260
Gary Kanellis Phone: 585-770-2135
John Marchioni Phone: 585-272-7870
Kim Russell Phone: 585-387-0826
Olver Korts Phone: Kimberly P. Russel
Phone: 585-387-0826 Email:
Shapiro, DiCaro & Barak Gary M. Kanellis
Phone: 585-770-2135 Email:

Cable/Satellite Providers
Direct TV 1-800-531-5000 Website
Dish Network 1.888.825.2557 Website
Time Warner Cable 71 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester, NY 14620 Phone: 756-5000 1-800-756-7956 Website

Carpet Cleaning
A-1 Carpeting Don Hranowski 392-2860

Chimney Cleaning/Repair
Canterbury Chimney Sweeps
27 Pineview Dr., Penfield, NY 14526
Phone: 585-381-7670 Website
East Side Chimney Mike Godden 585-261-7667

Craig Hammond (General) Phone: 585-797-4634
Rick Kohler (Dry Wall) Phone: 585-314-0084
Kris Oaks (Siding) Phone: 585-217-3670
Eastview Glass & Mirror- Rick Sidoti (Glass/ Windows)
Phone: 585-465-0242
Shane Stevens (Kitchen) Phone: 585-801-6988

Al’s Maintenance Phone: 585-247-2750
Jim Cady (Dumpster/Driveway/Equipment Rental)
Phone: 585-704-3773

Chris Pilosi Phone: 585-975-9148

Estate Sales
Jennifer McCadden Phone: 585-223-7028

Brian Hollenbeck Phone: 585-729-0127

Andy Wagner (Carpet) Phone: 585-746-8897  
ProSource Flooring Phone: 585-427-9999
D’Angelo’s Hardwoods Joe D’Angelo Phone: 585-370-1081
Carpet Sales & Installation Andrew Wagner
Phone: 585-746-8897 Email:

Gas & Electric
Energetix 50 Methodist Hill Dr., Suite 1500, Rochester, NY 14623 Phone: 585-487-3600 1-800-544-0182 Fax: 1-877-224-7812 Website
Fairport Electric 31 South Main St., Fairport, NY 14450 Phone: 223-9500 Fax: 223-5466 Website
Rochester Gas & Electric 89 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14649 1-800-743-2110 Website
Spencerport Electric 27 West Ave, Spencerport, NY 14559 Phone: 585-352-4771 Website Heating & Cooling
Paris Heating & Cooling 1383 W. Ridge Rd., Rochester, NY 14615 Phone: 585-227-4512 Email: Website

Michael Scalzo 585-978-9663

Heating and Cooling
Mancuso Mechanical 585-705-8231

Home Inspection
Pillar to Post Kevin Heath 105 Sugar Maple Dr., Rochester, NY 14615 Phone: 585-787-9970 Email: Website
Independent Inspection Services Jim Brennan 585-520-5575

Electric Services
Pilosi Electric Chris Pilosi
Phone: 585-975-9148 Email:

Farmers Insurance Brian Maust
Phone: 585-562-7979 Email:

Internet Providers & Telephone
Frontier Communications 180 South Clinton Ave., 7th Floor, Rochester, NY 14646 Phone: 777-1000 1-800-921-8101 WebsiteTime Warner Cable 71 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester, NY 14620 Phone: 756-5000 1-800-756-7956 Website

Lawn & Landscaping
Seth Meyer 585-469-2989

Lawn Service & Plowing
North and South Seth Meyer
Phone: 585-469-2989 Email:

Mike Kirkpatrick Phone: 585-750-8891

Mold Testing & Mitigation
Healthy Spaces Bob Thomas
Phone: 585-330-4554 Email:

Canandaigua National Bank Craig Polandick
Phone: 585-820-9596 Email:   

Wendy McShea Mortgage Origination Counselor
Phone: 585-336-1431 Email:

Moving Services
Sheridan Brothers Moving David Killion
Phone: 585-254-9000 Email:
COWS Container On Wheels Michael Casserino
Phone: 585-454-2967 Email:

Perkins Bros. Inc. Brian Perkins Phone: 585-490-4418

American Plumbing Mike Rozzi Phone: 585-794-0686
Carl Pollisseni Phone: 330-0315

Pool Services
Sunrise Pool and Service Erik M. Gamel
Phone: 585-615-7323 Email:

Radon Mitigation
Life Safety Services Carl Sidoti Phone: 202-0178

Rick Davis 585-414-4612
John Geer 338-9865
Harvey Stassner 270-8761

Suburban Septic 585-723-1230